Ariadne Interconnection completes installation of submarine cable in Crete-Attica grid

Αriadne Interconnection, a subsidiary of the Independent Electricity Transmission Operator IPTO, on Friday announced the completion of the submarine section of the Crete-Attica electricity interconnection, with the installation of the submarine power cables with a transmission capacity of 1,000 MW and a voltage of 500 kV.

Ariadne Interconnection installed 1,350 km of electric cables and fiber optic cables between Korakia Heraclion Crete and Pahi, Megara in a period of 32 months.

The depth of the installation at the bottom of the Aegean Sea reached 1,200 meters for surface, while the weight of the cables exceeded 40 kilos per meter. After completion of cable protection works, expected in the second quarter of 2023, a total of 640 km of cables will be installed below the sea bottom for maximum security.

“Electricity interconnection of Crete with Attica is the biggest energy investment, worth 1 billion euros, currently in the country,” IPTO said in an announcement.

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